Sunday, June 16, 2013

Canada Drives to Loosen Morals

Unfortunately, we’re living in a time when desire trumps common sense. In all ethical issues, those desiring to encourage problematic activities are always sure they can maintain safeguards against disreputable behaviour associated with them.

However, it seems loosening morals only increases the atrocities that the ethical boundaries are meant to keep in check. As if abortion, with the recent disclosure of the disgusting activities it has unleashed was insufficient, prostitution and “right to die” are now raising their ugly heads in Canada.

Germany legalized prostitution over ten years ago, and a recent article in Der Speigel has reckoned it a failure. “the well-meaning law is in fact little more than a subsidy program for pimps, and makes the market more attractive to human traffickers.” Apparently, human trafficking has increase under legalised prostitution.

Last year, the London School of Economics released a study covering 150 nations, but specifically comparing (among others) Sweden and Germany. Sweden, which had previously permitted self-employed prostitution, banned the sale of sex in all forms outright in 1999. This resulted in a rise of underground or “hidden prostitution” but a significant decrease in prostitution overall. See more at:
The experience of assisted suicide in Belgium has been so abused, that old people fear reporting health issues in case they are “assisted” to die rather than receiving treatment for their needs. Already in Canada, the phrase, “up the morphine, we need the bed,” reverberates through hospital corridors.

Some believe the current desire to throw off the “restraints” of Christianity will lead to liberty, but it eventually falls into licence. The reason ethical requirements arise in the first place is a reaction to the misery that unrestrained desire produces.

One difference between humans and animals I was not taught in school: animals exist by their instinct, but humanity is ennobled by disciplining its instincts. Humanity declines when it desires to live like the animals. Which way is our culture going?