Sunday, September 22, 2013

Suicide Atack on Pakistani Chruch Kills 78 People


A pair of suicide bombers blew themselves up outside a 130-year-old church in Peshawar after Sunday Mass, killing at least 60 people in the deadliest attack on Christians in recent history. “The number of dead will be more than 200 because the Church was full to its capacity,” one worshipper, Caroline White, told The Telegraph.

This is today’s news—September 22, 2013. In most of the Muslim world it is dangerous to be a Christian—Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan among others. There is sufficient diversity in the Quran to legitimize both the claim that Islam is a peaceful religion, but also that opponents must be eliminated.

The latter teaching has given rise to the jihadist movement that seeks to impose Islam and Sharia law upon the entire earth. It inspires religious fervour to achieve its goal through indiscriminate violence against any belief that opposes it—especially Christianity or “Christian” countries.

So this type of attack should come as no surprise, and will continue as an ongoing war against the “infidel.” But we in the west should not be complacent, that “It can’t happen here.” The program for take-over is threefold.

Bill Calderwood’s research in his book: What in Heavens’ Name is Happening on Earth? notes stage one as a weakened state where the Muslim community lives in peace, but attracts converts and seeks influence in the wider population.

Stage two, the preparation stage, establishes influence in every area of the target country, from financial, government and military, ready to strike and impose an Islamic Sharia dictatorship. Already, in Britain and France, there are “no-go” Muslim areas where Sharia law is enforced.

The last stage is open jihadist attack to terrorize and subdue opposing elements. “Every Muslim’s duty is to actively fight the enemy, overturning the system of the non-Muslim country and establishing Islamic authority.”p.108.

This attack should leave us in no doubt they would be just as happy to export the same treatment to western nations once they have sufficient strength and resources to do so. Small cells currently attempting that in the west are simply a precursor of greater jihadist goals for us.